Cisco CP-7971G-GE over Broadband-Hamnet PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jim Kinter, K5KTF   

Here is a video of a test call from John WA5VBP in Victoria TX to Jim K5KTF in Cedar Park TX, using a Cisco CP-7971G-GE digital phone in SIP mode.

This is attached to an Asterisk server that resides on a USB-modified Broadband-Hamnet (HSMM-Mesh) mesh node with a 40GB harddrive. This phone call takes place using the mesh and over the Devlopers' mesh virtual tunnel (over the internet).

I then transfer the call from the 7971 to K5KTF-Hotline, a standard POTS touch tone phone connected to a Granstream HT-286 ATA adapter, which is then connected to a mesh node and UPS battery backup.

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