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In this area we will post events, announcements and updates. Check back often to see what is new.


April 25 2016

Really nice letter sent from a newfound Mesher:

July 20 2015

Broadband-Hamnet wins another award!

Members of the core team got a call that at the ARRL Board meeting this past weekend, The Board recognized the principals and developers of Broadband-Hamnet™ for their contributions to microwave mesh networking with the 2014 ARRL Microwave Development Award.

The plaque will be awarded sometime in the near future at an ARRL convention/event. (Maybe Austin Summerfest?)

This award is the result of a group effort of the BBHN core team, the many contributors to the project over the many years, starting with John Champa K8OCL who's vision of using simple and the original HSMM working group, and others across the world who have contributed code, built networks, and promoted the project in their own local communities to help the project take hold and grow worldwide.

 June 10 2015

Broadband-Hamnet website on a new server.

Backups, backup, backups !! Good thing we had them as the webserver originally bought in 2007, which has hosted the HSMM-Mesh/Broadband-Hamnet project since 2010, decided that its 2 identical harddrives in a RAID1 mirror decided to start choking, coughing, and finally sputtering to a quiet death. Jim K5KTF the webmaster for the site hurried to get a new Poweredge 2950 server built with CentOS7 and using Oracle VirtualBox virtual machines, got the BBHN (and all the other paying clients') sites moves to it, and restored from backups.

Being a completely new box, with the latest operating system and applications (Apache web server, BIND DNS, Sendmail, etc), there were hiccups. But it appears, with the last fix done, that everything is back up to 100% operation. If you happen to notice something not working (a link, a page, a graphic, etc), please notify him by email, Jim at {his-callsign} * com, and please PLEASE include the URL of the page you were on, what is missing/broken, as much detail as you can give, so that he can find it easy.

March 19 2015

Broadband-Hamnet releases a needed update to the v3 firmware.

Please visit for more information.

January 26 2015

Happy 5-Year Anniversary HSMM-Mesh/Broadband-Hamnet!

November 20 2014

Broadband-Hamnet is proud to announce a new firmware release, the most recent in a series of advancements that build on the Ubiquiti firmware released for the 2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz Ham bands earlier this year.

With this BBHN 3.0.0 release, Broadband-Hamnet now includes the Ubiquiti M9-series airMAX devices, giving Hams use of the 900 MHz band for mesh networking.

Please visit for more information.

April 30, 2014

New front page article about supporting additional hardware types.

April 15, 2014

***3500 registered users on the forums***

These are only those users who wanted to post to the forums. We see many times this number of view only users on the web site.

Feb 1 2014

*** BBHN 1.0.1 for Ubiquiti Released ***

See the announcement  here

Oct 19 2013

The first time visitor article and the "how our firmware works" link have been updated with important information. New as well as experienced users can answer many questions and avoid problems by reading this part again. It is found on the home page.

Sept 11 2013

A band plan has been recently worked out for the ham 3.4 GHz band.  It is essentially clear of non licensed traffic so the noise floor / effective range with low power system is excellent.  At this time equipment makers do not feel there are enough hams interested in getting on 3.4 GHz, to make it worth selling the gear in the U.S.A. We here at BBHN would like to see what kind of response is really out there, so please vote honestly in the poll on the lower left of the site menu. Thanks!

August 14 2003

N3VMM is our 2,000th activated user!!! Congrats Dennis in Central PA !

August 3 2013

Version 1.0.0 of the newly-named Broadband Hamnet firmware is now available for download from the software download page.  You can see what's changed on the change log.  Experienced users can get a quickstart, and everyone is encouraged to re-read the firmware instructions.

July 1 2013

The winners of IAEM Council level Awards and the IAEM-Global Awards will be announced on Monday, July 1, 2013. Press releases will be posted at

We are pleased to inform you that your nomination received the following awards:

  • IAEM-USA Technology & Innovation Award, Division 2
  • IAEM-Global Technology & Innovation Award, Division 2

Congratulations on the success of your entry!

Karen Thompson

IAEM Bulletin Editor & Website Content Manager

International Association of Emergency Managers

 July 14 2013: Thanks in part to the QST July edition, we hit 1,500 users ! And almost 3,000 firmware downloads!

We made the cover of the July 2013 QST ! see: HERE

Sneak preview of new FW GUI - -Lets see who reads the news...

Feedback appreciated to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Update to VOIP under development, Fresh demo video posted.  5/27/2013

Frequencies allocated to US amateurs. Stake your claim to some microwave bandwidth. See the FAQ Here

I have added a new item to the menu under Resources (need to be logged in to see the link). It is a list of local Elmers willing to help their fellow hams with HSMM-Mesh(tm) !.

Sign up as an Elmer for your area by emailing me @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We are hoping that providing this list will help newcomers get the help they need locally, while freeing us developers up a bit to do , well, development.

With now over 1,100 registered users, and 3 to 4 coming onboard per day, not to mention those who havent felt the need to register yet, we at the core group are starting to get a little inundated with questions and issues that could be better served by local fellow hams.

Any Elmer who signs up wont be left in the cold. We appreciate the help and would give you our best attention, because we know you are helping us to help grow the project even further.

If you have a specialty that you would like to help others with (regional or otherwise), send that along too.

Once the next couple QST issues come out, we think that there will be a great influx of meshers to the group, and lots of people are going to need information getting started.

(Ooops, let THAT cat out, didnt I ?:-) )



Hardware guide is new, see "Which hardware to use" from the front page left menu.

Add USB functionality to your node

Jim K5KTF has successfully done a USB modification to a WRT54G V.2 node. Article under Developer Documentation or HERE

Rootenna how-to

User documentation has a new entry on placing a node inside the pocket on a Rootenna. See it HERE


Anonymous read-only access to the SVN repository is now available.

Map of nodes

Jim K5KTF has added a Googlemap with nodes and links shown.

Registered & Logged in users can find it under the HSMM-MESH Info menu.

As with any Googlemap, you can zoom in and out, pan the map around, etc.

The biggest problem with it right now is its lack of information, so we ask that you email Jim ( with your nodes information, and he will get it on there.For those who would like to see an HSMM-MESH node in use, I have linked my main node to my main router and internet connection.

You can view a link to it and more info under the "Web Links : Other HSMM Development Development Organizations" section.

It is limited in use, but you can see the gist of it.


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