Connecting standard Wifi computers to HSMM-MESH™ PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jim Kinter, K5KTF   
Sunday, 07 February 2010 21:57

OK, so you have a WRT54G configured and running as a mesh node. Great!

Now you want to be able to get on the mesh network, but do not want a cable connection.

A Mesh node can ONLY be a mesh node, not an access point, so what to do?

Get a second router, install the HSMM-MESH™ firmware, go into the setup, setup your callsign etc just like on the node router.

But now, go and set the Type to be a Mesh Access Point instead of a Mesh Node. Connect a jumper of any length between any LAN port of the Mesh Access Point and any LAN port of the the Mesh Node. Save settings and reboot the device.

You will notice that the SSID of the Mesh Access Point has changed, and when your laptop does a scan, it will see both the HSMM-MESH™ network AND your callsign-xxx. Connect to the one using your callsign and you will be on the HSMM-MESH™ network.

To configure the Mesh Access Point (MAP) after it has been saved and rebooted as a MAP, you can no longer use http://localnode anymore, as that will now direct you to the Mesh Node instead. You would need to point your browser to , since is localnode.

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