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Written by Rick Kirchhof, NG5V   
Sunday, 07 February 2010 16:15

***** I Give UP *****

I wrote this in Feb of 2010. To date, we have received almost no submissions of this type.  What gives???  Lots of people use HSMM-MESH™ for lots of things. Judging by the hit count, everyone is interested in this topic. Won't you please send us a brief description of software used, ways the mesh solved a problem for you or any other idea? We will take ideas (in any form or stage of completion) and develop the information to post. You can be credited as the author or we can post it with administrator as the author. Either way, people using this fantastically versatile tool can find ways to use it more/faster/better.

I have just added a new menu section and a description of how to install Internet Relay Chat. I would like to have more content like this.


***** Original post below *****

I bet this FAQ gets lots of hits....    Seriously, we all know that a computer network is just a tool. What you can do with an HSMM-MESH™ network and how you make the connections to it are probably more important to most hams than any other topic.

Remember that networks are very useful even without an Internet feed. A small group of computers to run an event or evacuation site can all interact with a single application or database. You can sling video around.... you get the idea. Just how to put up a local network to do job X or job Y are very important stories since users who don't know that you can do such a task will benefit greatly from seeing how you did it.

This is an open invitation to write how-to articles on how you configured a network, what you attached to it, what work it did and what you learned. These types of summaries are called product application notes or simply App Notes. If you write an app note, we will post it in the FAQ area and credit you as the author. If you don't want to be credited, just submit it privately and we will show the author as "administrator".  All submissions are subject to editing for both style and content. Some things to consider as you create app notes are below.

  • Any application software you used
  • Any server or server based resource (like a file) that is required
  • Works on a stand alone network OR is Internet access required
  • Do the users interact peer-to-peer or client/server
  • Was there a video/audio/VOIP or RSS component
  • If multimedia, what codecs or applications are needed, which OS's are supported
  • What to remember/what to avoid as you do this
  • Hardware or software sources, is any cost involved
  • MySQL code and PHP pages for database applications (you ARE using Linux aren't you...)
  • Software licensing considerations if needed

You may not have (or need) answers to every question above but these guidelines give you something to think about.

Once you get something developed, use the "contact the webmaster" link on the front page to notify us of your result. If you choose to post it privately for inspection, a URL could be included for us to view your result.

This project gets its real value by showing others when/where/how HSMM-MESH™ networks can be used. You can help us with that task.

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