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 Subject :Anyone out there?.. 2014-09-28- 12:45:30 
Joined: 2013-12-25- 17:20:21
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Location: Rio Rancho, NM

Hi -

I have nodes operating in Rio Rancho on a small hill... is anyone out there?

-- John, N9CNM

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 Subject :Re:Anyone out there?.. 2014-09-30- 04:14:14 
Joined: 2014-01-01- 13:06:12
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Location: Albuquerque NM

Hi John;

Not many nodes up yet in the ABQ area, though there seems to be a bit of interest.  Not sure about Rio Rancho.  WB5ORT is the only guy I know of out that direction who may have an active node.

Give a shout on the NM Mesh Yahoo group and see what you can scare up.


Mark K5LXP

Albuquerque, NM

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Mark K5LXP
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